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This is the original business of SATOSENI
In the end of 19th Century, the main industry in this area was the agriculture, however the Silk Cultivation was replaced in the winter time because of the deep snow environment.
There was a big change of outfits in the early 1900’s. People started wearing European style clothing.
In response to this, Japanese government pursued spinning wool yarn as the national project
In the same period, farmers in Yamagata started farming a few sheep at home.
The first generation of SATO SENI, Chonosuke Sato sheared sheep wool and spun the hand knitting yarn.
By the hand spinning machine.
This is the beginning of SATO SENI.

Today, SATO SENI has the strong relationship with local motivated farmers in Australia, Africa and other countries with the huge respect to them and natural materials.
Main products used to be worsted wool or other animal fiber yarn. In addition, special shaped yarn, ultra-fine mohair yarn are also well-known in the luxury world market after staffing a booth at International trade fairs.
Lately, the new developments of plant fibre materials are also focused on.